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We can provide shredding sacks  please call the office on 0800 652 6743
Office Shred
Shredding Bags, Cartons,
Wheelie Bins & Office Consoles

For many years now Simply Shredding has been providing a confidential shredding service to companies of all sizes from one man bands to large PLC companies.

Our Office Services

We offer three levels of service to any business no matter what size they are. These range from supplying shredding bags to delivering in wheelie bins or installing office consoles. We are happy to perform a one time only collection of old records or provide a regular four weekly shredding service. You can find detailed information on each of the services on the Office Shred tab.

Smaller Companies (Little Acorns)

Small businesses usually have space issues and keeping records for a long time often ends up in cluttering the home, garage or small business unit. For a small charge we can assist in making you more room by freeing up space taken by piles of boxes containing paperwork that you don't need to keep anymore.

Medium to Large Companies (Large Oak Trees)

For larger businesses there is usually a more regular need to keep expensive rental space free for better usage. Structural issues are also the call to action for Simply Shredding to be involved as in the past companies have traditionally used attics to store large amounts of paperwork.

With central city office space at a premium removing surplus confidential paperwork on a regular basis is a sensible solution.

Green Issues

It doesn't matter these days how small or large your company is, there is already, and will be increasingly so in the future, an expectation to destroy waste in an environmental manner. By choosing Simply Office Shred to take care of any confidential or waste paper you can be sure that you will be helping achieve your companies environmental policy.

Plant A Tree Today

If your company would like to help support the Woodland Trust to plant a tree or a group of trees for a small donation, then contact and we will be pleased to help you achieve this for very little cost.
Home Shred
Confidential Shredding Service,
You Deliver or We Collect

For several years Simply Shredding has been providing a confidential shredding service to home users and this business seems to be doubling in size every year as fears associated with "Identity Theft" become more publicised. Home users have realised that it is very easy to jam or burn out a small desk top office machine and they are usually slow and do not take thicker items such as cheque book stubs.
Our Home Shred Services

We offer two levels of service to any home owner. Most users will bring their Home Shredding into us but we also offer a full home collection service.

We fully appreciate that for some people it just is not possible to get to one of our shredding offices and also that if you have quite a large amount of home shredding to be carried out you might struggle to get this delivered into us. For this reason we have created Simply Shred Home Collection. You can collect a Shredding Bag from our office or we can arrange for this to be posted to your home along with a seal to tie the bag once filled. Do not fill over the line on the side of the bag as you will not be able to seal the bag and collection maybe refused.


Generally all collections of confidential papers to be shredded will be made during normal hours on a week day. Once you have advised us of how many bags are to be collected we can agree a collection date and advise if this will be morning or afternoon. Following this you will be
e mailed a certificate of destruction.

You Deliver

  • Prevent Identity Theft
Identity theft is a hot topic that doesn't seem to be going away. It now seems that almost daily we are being encouraged to be careful with how we dispose of any documentation we have in our homes. Many of us may have bought a small home shredding machine but these can be slow, jam easily and often do not accept items such as cheque book stubs. This is where Simply Home Shred will make your life a lot easier.
  • Collect Your Shredding Bag
If you call into your local depot you can collect as many shredding bags as you think you may need along with a corresponding number of seals. Many customers choose to prepay for the Home Shred at this point. Take the bag home, fill it at your leisure, seal it and drop it back into us when it is convenient to do so. If you already have your own bag, sack, box, archive carton or plastic crate with paperwork in it we will be more than happy to receive this in without you needing to transfer it into one of our bags.
  • Opening Hours
All our Simply Shredding offices are able to receive in your sealed Home Shred bags or boxes. Our normal office hours are 08.00 - 17.00 Monday to Friday.
  • Drop And Go
Simply drop off you confidential files or any home paperwork and we will ensure that the contents are shredded speedily and securely. In due course we will email you a certificate of destruction to confirm the date and volume shredded. This can also be posted if you do not have an email address.

If you have any concerns or questions about our Home Shred service then please contact your nearest Simply Shredding depot or email and a representative will contact you to discuss this

Cross-Cut Shredding

For better security all Simply Shredding depots utilise cross-cut shredding machines. This means that any paperwork is cut both vertically and horizontally. The pile of shredded paper looks like a giant heap of confetti! This is usually baled so that it can be recycled and turned back into a piece of paper. Utilising a service like this will ensure that you do not become a target for "bin-raiding" and add to the statistic of the quickest growing types of fraud within the UK.
Proof of Destruction

It is normal for us to email you with a Certificate of Destruction once your home paperwork has been shredded.

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